Diane M. Glueck

Diane M. Glueck

Board-Certified Hypnotist
Certified Healing Touch Practitioner
Over 20 years experience

Empowering you
to achieve
your highest level
of success!

Pinnacle; the highest point of achievement.

(Photo of Cincinnati Zoo Reptile House)


A spire; highest point of development or achievement.

fears, phobias, confidence, stop smoking, weight loss, public speaking, test anxiety, stress, relaxation, childbirth, pain management, accelerate healing, past trauma, chakra balance, depression, increased energy, athletic performance, strengthen immunity


Diane has been my healer for the past 14 years, with incredible success.  Her combination of hypnotherapy and healing touch has helped me to overcome test anxiety and pass the bar exam; quit smoking; and deliver all three of my children naturally, without anesthesia. Sessions continue to help relieve stress and give me strength, confidence, clarity, peace, and a zest for life.  Diane has a true gift, is extremely intuitive, and has been instrumental in helping me to grow personally and spiritually.

Joanna Wilson

In November of 2021, I was very sick with Covid and spent nine days in the hospital. Several months later, after experiencing Covid long-haul affects, (low energy, brain fog, and hair loss etc.) I booked three sessions with Diane. The hypnosis lightened my heavy, negative emotions that were causing depression. With each session I felt a release of mental torment, and the negative emotions were lightened. I am so thankful for Diane’s help!

Pam R.

Diane is an incredibly powerful healer! Hypnotherapy is helping me to become more aware of my emotional triggers while helping integrate new techniques to remain calm and in control of my emotions. I originally went to help me communicate better with my son who struggles with impulse control; however, I found I can use these tools and techniques in any stressful situation. I highly recommend her services!

Lauren Oppenheimer

Working with Diane changed my life. As a manager at a restaurant, it is imperative that I hit my goals. After one session, I felt more prepared, comfortable, and competent. Team members noticed immediately and commented on the good changes. My work performance improved with results that were truly phenomenal, and led to a more favored position. Diane is trustworthy and helped me to be open to experience her unique combination approach to healing.

Chris Coles

You need inspiration and hope to create beautiful landscapes of limitless possibilities in your mind. This is the foundation for your life's journey to help you build, transcend and triumph.
Begin today and we will journey together.