Healing Touch

  • NRebalance the energy field
  • NRelaxation
  • NConfidence
  • NReduction of stress, anxiety, fear
  • NDepression
  • NIllness
  • NStrengthen Immunity
  • NPre / Post surgery
  • NAccelerate healing
  • NComplimentary with traditional medicine
  • NIncreased energy, happiness
  • NRemove negative thought patterns / blockages
  • NRelease past trauma (held in the aura and body tissue)
  • NIncrease connection with the subconscious
  • NMental and psychological stability
  • NAnd more . . .

What is healing touch?

  • Healing touch is a laying on of hands technique used to open, heal and maintain the natural flow of energy in and out of the human energy field (HEF), or “aura.” Healing touch connects us to the universal energy field (UEF), which permeates all space. It is spiritual, because it connects us to our higher power. It is scientific, because energy is an electromagnetic field.
  • The electromagnetic field has negative and positive polarities whose frequencies radiate and vibrate… always moving or flowing. Our energy naturally interacts with the energy in the space that surrounds us.
  • The aura is a luminous body that surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body. It is composed of bio-plasma, a fluid like motion, which is a state of matter. The aura has seven layers, each associated with a chakra. Both correspond to different body organs and systems.
  • Chakras are openings for energy to flow into and out of the aura. They are positioned between the base of the spine and top of the head. When we recycle energy back into our chakras, we are aligned with the flow of divine energy, allowing us to heal on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.
  • Energy can be “felt” or experienced by the healer and client in numerous ways through the senses (ex. tingles, tickles, throbbing, heat/cold, waves, smells, visual colors etc.)

How does healing touch work?

  • While lying comfortably and fully clothed on a massage table, the practitioner uses both hands to manipulate the energy field with pushing and pulling motions, several inches to a foot or more away from the body.
  • A healing touch practitioner connects with the surrounding energy to heal on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Healing is surrendered to a higher power, can be instantaneous or take a matter of time.
  • Emotional experiences or traumas are held in the aura, and can cause a block to energy flow. The disruption causes an imbalance, which can result in illness or disease. Depending on how we invest our energy, we can either increase or decrease our reserves.
  • Healing touch helps to recycle energy back into our chakras, align with the flow of divine energy, and enable us to heal.
  • Energy has been scientifically observed and measured by scientists and medical doctors. Other ways include ECG, EKG, and lie detector tests.
  • Each session is unique, but there is something special about the third. Follow up sessions are beneficial to maintain a healthy balance, since our energy fields are continually changing with our emotions and circumstances.

Have you ever . . . ?

  • Have you ever felt a good vibe (vibration) upon entering a room, or sensed great positivity from another person?? You are picking up on their energy! Likewise, we pick up on negative vibes or energy from people and our surroundings.
  • When alone or engrossed in an activity, have you ever suddenly “sensed” a person behind you? You are sensing their energy or vibration.
  • Have you ever wondered how a radio works? Radios play in response to invisible electromagnetic waves that transmit energy. Energy converts the vibrational energy into a signal or sound that travels through space. Similarly, healing energy can be sent at a distance and is actually stronger.

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